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Kindle Unlimited and the conundrum of exclusivity

Friends, I know that many of you have found my work over the last half a year through Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s all-you-can-eat reader subscription program. With the exception of a few Agency stories, I’ve thrown almost everything else into KU, because Amazon has historically been the biggest market, where most of my readers are located!

However, I will be pulling out all of my stories from KU at the end of this month. In my latest mailing list post I stated that the newest Agency story, French Kiss, will be available on KU, so I’m leaving it up there until July 31.

The reason? The purpose of subscription programs is to sell you a product and hope you don’t use it. Think of it this way–gyms make the most money off people who sign up for a membership and never actually show up to exercise. It’s like paying for a product and never even picking it up from the store!

Likewise, Amazon hopes that you will buy a KU subscription but only read one book a month (or even better, you don’t read any books that month). This is because every time you read a story, the author gets paid.

The problem? They were underestimating romance and erotica fans. You are (as I am) a voracious reader. I have been known to get through multiple books in a DAY if I liked an author enough. There’s nothing I love better than picking up a series I love and bingeing on it in one day. So while Amazon hopes you are only reading a book or two a month, romance and erotica fans might plow through 30. Under the old system, that added up to $45 worth of cost to Amazon, while you were only paying $10.

Obviously, this is not sustainable for Amazon, or other subscription services like Scribd. Scribd was even more obvious about the problem by simply removing the vast majority of their romance offerings. If you are a big romance reader, subscription services don’t want you to be a member. KU/Scribd sees you as more trouble than you’re worth. 😉

Scribd attacked romance readers, but Amazon is approaching the issue by cutting funding for romance/erotica authors, whose works tend to be shorter than epic fantasy novels, for instance. Simply put, KU no longer makes it worth it for erotic romance and erotica writers to be apart of their program. If I stayed, Amazon would pay me 70% less for each of my stories in KU.

Mr. Salt and I hope to start a family (which, as you probably know, is not a cheap thing to do) and this change in KU makes it impossible for me to stay in the program. For all my KU readers, I am so thankful that all of you have followed my work for so long. On the flip side, I am looking forward to making more of my stories available across a much bigger range of distributors, including iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and more. This will give me better opportunities to run sales and promotions, which benefits all readers.

See you on the other side!

“When I was on my knees in front of him…”

French Kiss - smaller


The sequel to the #1 bestselling free bisexual romance on is now available! Check out An Agency Story: French Kiss for a delicious Parisian treat…

I was about to leave the room for a cold shower when my phone rang. It was a special ringtone, a ringtone that I assigned to just one person…my lips broke into an immediate smile at the sound.

Shanna’s face appeared on my phone screen, her cheeks pink and flushed, her blonde hair soft and loose around her face.

“Ashie,” she said, breathlessly. It was her pet name for me, and though I’d hated it at first it had stuck. Everyone but Mr. Stewart called me Ashie now–he was far too serious for nicknames in public. To him, I’d always be Ashlyn…or in private, I was his baby girl. I could never admit to him how much I liked that pet name, especially when I was on my knees in front of him, his eyes on me.

“Shanna,” I said, tucking a lock of brown hair behind my ear. “You there already?”

She groaned like an animal and I had my answer. She moved the phone and I could see them behind her, Mrs. Stewart’s red lips on her shoulder, Mr. Stewart’s rough hands on her soft, perky breasts. She was still dressed, but she may as well have been naked–I knew her body so well.

I felt a sudden warmth between my legs at the sight of the hard nubs of her nipples, barely covered with a thin cotton t-shirt.

“Yeah,” she said, her crystal-blue eyes looking directly into the camera. “Just got here.”

I tingled with arousal. She just got to Paris and they couldn’t wait…they were ready to strip her naked and fuck her. Oh god–they were already touching her, their hands stroking over her firm flesh, their lips kissing every inch of her smooth skin. I wished that I was there…I missed her. And them.

“Didn’t seem right to start without you, Ashie,” said Mrs. Stewart, her eyes dark with desire and humor. She was elegant, even when dressed in just a bra and panties. Mr. Stewart glanced into the camera with a daring, steely look, and my mouth watered in response. Oh, how I wanted to taste him…his salty skin, his bitter cum. My memories of them were seared into my mind.

“Put the phone down, angel,” he muttered into her ear. He grabbed the phone from Shanna and the image blurred for a moment. When they came back into focus, I saw that the three of them were on top of a wide bed. He must have put the phone down on the bedside table. I collapsed on my hard, lonely twin bed–totally mesmerized.

They stripped her first. Off came that thin cotton t-shirt…then Mrs. Stewart was wiggling her khaki shorts down over her slim hips, and then Mr. Stewart was impatiently groping Shanna’s breasts, sliding his hands into her cups and squeezing the soft mounds as she made a soft squeak of protest. Mrs. Stewart laughed as she undid Shanna’s bra while her husband savaged Shanna’s breasts.

“Hold on, honey,” she cooed, but he ignored her, already pushing a hand into Shanna’s panties. Shanna’s entire body stiffened at the contact, and she leaned her head back and moaned as his hand began to move under the damp, thin fabric. Mrs. Stewart smiled devilishly at the camera–at me–and pulled Shanna’s panties down…