Curves and Spurs: Rebecca

Seducing Rebecca

Fort Charles has a reputation for sin. All her life Rebecca’s heard the rumors that the cowboys there made a custom of sharing one woman between two men…and now she’s about to find out the truth.

Abandoned by her fundamentalist Mormon father for refusing to marry her sister’s husband, Rebecca has no choice but to work as a cook for ranch owner Carl Lawson and his fiery right-hand man Jamie Briggs.

Beautiful, voluptuous Rebecca is int on preserving her virtue but can’t seem to resist the pull of the rough, masculine duo…or the wicked traditions of Fort Charles.

* * *
The kiss was harder now. I could feel the hot length of his body, holding me in place.

“You’re ready for it,” he murmured. “Aren’t you, Becky.” His body pressed into mine. “Ready to be kissed…ready to be touched.”

I gasped softly. “I–”

“God, aren’t you ripe,” he muttered into my ear. His lips skated over my jaw. “Not sure if I can wait like we planned to…I was never the patient one…”

This 10,000 word erotic romance story features oral sex, two alpha males and one spunky heroine. Click here to find out more about the full 4-part series, or click on the buttons below to download part 1 for free.

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The Agency Series

An Agency Story: Double Trouble

The Agency supplies the rich and powerful with beautiful, sexy nannies. This collection of Agency stories follows three young coeds who find themselves at the mercy of their naughty employers…

BEACH BLONDE: Cassie thinks she’s spending her summer vacation working as a nanny in Tahiti for the wealthy Doyle family. Once she arrives, innocent Cassie discovers much more than just beaches and tropical sunsets. She gets closer to Seamus and Mary Doyle than she ever imagined, and uncovers their illicit secret–theirs and the Agency’s.

DOUBLE TROUBLE: Ashlyn’s nannied for the Stewarts before–she knows precisely what’s expected of her, and the sordid pleasures that wait for her every winter break. But this time, someone new is waiting for her at the Stewarts’ cabin in Aspen: sweet, innocent Shanna. Will Ashlyn overcome her jealousy as Shanna is initiated into the Stewarts’ wicked secret?

SUMMER NANNY: Chloe can’t wait to start her summer job as a nanny on the Edgars’ annual yacht trip. But once they set sail, she discovers that Mira and James Edgar have plans for their seductive new nanny–plans that require Chloe to prove her worth in a whole new way.

These 15,000-22,000 word erotic romance stories feature oral sex, masturbation, an alpha male, girl-on-girl action plus meltingly-hot threesomes and foursomes. Click here for the whole list, or click on the buttons below to download Double Trouble for free!

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At His Pleasure: Addie Learns the Ropes

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Adeline Curtis lands an internship with the mysterious and powerful Jon Banks. Night and day, Addie struggles to fulfill his overwhelming demands.

* * *

“At His Pleasure is a devastatingly beautiful and sexy novel that will leave you wanting for more…highly recommended for readers who want a more-than-your-typical adult romance story with betrayal and love all mixed together!” -Victoria Kay, Revenge of the Feels

“Mistress Approved…READ THIS F*CKING BOOK!!” -SM Book Obsessions Blog

* * *

But when the innocent intern discovers a naughty bondage video on her boss’s office computer, Addie can hardly believe what she’s seeing: beautiful young women being tied and teased by older men.

She realizes that Mr. Banks is hellbent on teaching his seductive intern the rules of love and submission.

When Addie’s ordered by her dominating boss to accompany him on a business trip, she suspects that he has more in mind for her sexy young body than he’ll admit. Mr. Banks introduces Addie to strange new pleasures…all designed to tie her closer to him.

But when she discovers the devastating secret behind why she landed the coveted internship in the first place, she’s faced with an impossible choice.

Torn between her family and the man she loves, will Addie stay with the man she’s been trained to obey?

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A Billionaire Menage

A Billionaire Menage

Lacey’s reluctant to abandon her college girlfriend Krista, but she can’t turn down a position as personal assistant to the enigmatic Warren Linwood.

Once she arrives on his sprawling estate, Lacey’s helplessly drawn to her handsome billionaire boss…and a freak storm lands her naked and vulnerable in his arms.

He makes it clear to Lacey that he’s ready to own her, body and soul…but will Lacey be willing to give up Krista to serve him?

* * *
He was standing in front of the couch, a wild desire written on his face. Under his shirt his muscles were taut, flexing…I knew then that he’d been watching me.

Had he been watching me the whole time I’ve been here? Did he like what he saw?

He unbuttoned his shirt with fumbling fingers before he yanked off his belt and let his pants drop to the floor. He advanced on me like a predator.

I twitched as he laid his hands on my waist.

This 7,000 word erotic romance story features one alpha male and a delicious menage a trois. Click here to find out more about the full 3-part series!