Curves and Spurs

Curves and Spurs: Seducing Rebecca

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Fort Charles has a reputation for sin. All her life Rebecca’s heard the rumors that the cowboys there made a custom of sharing one woman between two men…and now she’s about to find out the truth.

Abandoned by her fundamentalist Mormon father for refusing to marry her sister’s husband, Rebecca has no choice but to work as a cook for ranch owner Carl Lawson and his fiery right-hand man Jamie Briggs.

Beautiful, voluptuous Rebecca is intent on preserving her virtue but can’t seem to resist the pull of the rough, masculine duo…or the wicked traditions of Fort Charles.

* * *
The kiss was harder now. I could feel the hot length of his body, holding me in place.

“You’re ready for it,” he murmured. “Aren’t you, Becky.” His body pressed into mine. “Ready to be kissed…ready to be touched.”

I gasped softly. “I–”

“God, aren’t you ripe,” he muttered into my ear. His lips skated over my jaw. “Not sure if I can wait like we planned to…I was never the patient one…”

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Curves and Spurs: Claiming Rebecca

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In Fort Charles, it’s a tradition for two cowboys to share one woman. And now, innocent Rebecca Smith is about to learn just how naughty and decadent it feels to be the subject of two men’s desires.

Rebecca’s been locked up by ranch owner Carl Lawson for daring to question him…but an unspoken agreement between Carl and his right-hand man Jamie gives Becky her one chance to escape.

Will she risk the wrath of the two alpha male cowboys or submit to their plans for her future?

* * *
“Consequences,” he said, softly, at last. On his tongue it sounded even darker and more dire than in my own mind. “Becky…take off your clothes.”

I could feel my breath shuddering as I unbuttoned my blouse and peeled off my skirt.

“Everything,” he ordered, his voice like stone. “Then get back on your knees.”

I did as I was told, my skin prickling with goose bumps despite the heat. I could feel their eyes on me.

Carl slid a hand over my cheek, his touch somehow rough and tender at the same time.

“I’ll go easy on you,” he said at last. “Hell, most men wouldn’t have let you leave ‘em once before they’d claimed you properly.” His gaze connected with Jamie behind me, as if rebuking him.

“I thought I wouldn’t be like them, not with you. But it seems that a man’s got to make a claim to what belongs to him,” he said, slowly. “And a woman in your position has got to learn to take it.”

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Curves and Spurs: Taming Rebecca

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Taken by Carl and Jamie, two of Fort Charles’s rough-and-tumble cowboys, Rebecca Smith realizes that being with one man at a time isn’t enough. The ranch owner and his right hand man are intent on introducing Rebecca to the sordid pleasures of being touched by two men at the same time.

As they stake their claim to Becky’s heart and soul, she begins to suspect that they have a plan for her curvy, enticing body. A plan that would tie her to Gray Oaks Ranch forever.

* * *
“You–you’re totally plotting against me!”

He laughed. “Not against you,” he said, picking up his clothes and walking towards the truck. “Not at all.”

“So you admit it,” I insisted. “You two are making plans.”

“It’s just what sensible family men do,” he said, tossing his clothes into the truck. He turned back to me with a smirk on his face.

“I’ll have no part in it,” I said, automatically.

He merely grinned and stalked towards me. “Is that what you think?” He pushed my wet dress off my shoulders. “This dress,” he murmured conversationally, “is totally soaked, Becky. Looks like we’ll have to take it off you and let it dry in the sun…can’t drive back to the ranch with a naked woman next to me, at least in broad daylight.” He winked. “Guess we’re stuck here for now…damn, I wish I had something to do.”

The dress fell to my waist, and Jamie worked it down over my wide hips. “You,” I said, “you’re crazy if you think I’ll have any part in this.”

He grinned. “I can tell by the look in your eyes, sweetness, that you want it.”

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Curves and Spurs: Possessing Rebecca

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Just as Rebecca Smith is settling into her new life as the love of two cowboys, Carl and Jamie, her past begins to catch up with her.

She realizes that she must return to polygamous Red Creek for one final confrontation…one that threatens to change the course of her future forever.

Will Becky return to the two alpha males who’ve staked a claim to her body and soul…or will she be forced into an unholy union in Red Creek?

* * *
His fingers tipped my chin up. “That means you don’t question what I do, or when I do it.”

My heart was thumping. I knew he was out to get his revenge. What could I do to keep him here?

Ever so slowly, I slid down to my knees, my hands trailing over his body. I looked up at him, knowing that I had to submit to him completely if this was going to work.

“I’ll do anything,” I said, softly. “Please, Carl…stay here with me.”

He studied me on my knees. I knew he liked to see me like this. “Prove it,” he said, finally. “Prove you’re mine.”

I slowly unbuttoned my nightgown, letting it slide down my torso until it bunched at my hips.”

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